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addictions to pages

July 30, 2010 Leave a comment

Thus far in 2010, I have read 145 books.  This is more books than I read in 2006, 18 books less than I read in 2007, 23 books less than I read in 2008, and 31 books less than I read in 2009.  So far… my goal of reading twenty books a month this year has been a rousing success, even though February (19), May (19), and June (15) were short.  March (27), April (21) and July (24 so far) are high book count months.

My Dewey Lunatic Project is also going well – I’ve so far read 10 of the 927 books required.

I sit at 55 books read thus far in 2010 for J. Kaye’s 2010 YA Reading Challenge, and in the Countdown Challenge, I need 3 more books published in 2006, 3 more from 2005, and 2 from 2003.

I like challenging myself to read like this.  Anyone know of any other reading challenges going on in blogs?  I know LibraryThing does a ReadaThon… but I’m looking for something that’s more of a longterm challenge/goal.

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