me: my name is emily, and I love books and libraries. i am madly in love with a brother named ethan and a man named david and a dog named oscar.

my future: in the fall, I begin a temporary position at a local private K-12 school and couldn’t be more excited to broaden my horizon! I plan to earn my master’s degree in library science and my dream job is a young adult librarian.  I will be reviewing grad school possibilities in the next month and hope to begin somewhere for the spring semester.

my current: I sort. I shelve (sometimes). I Advise Readers. I Advise Moviewatchers. I answer the phone. I do tech support. I get things down from tall places. I am on the Summer Reading Committee. I am on the Drupal Website Redesign Committee. I am in charge of the Mock Newbery and Mock Caldecott discussions. I made a display / presentation for the local school district’s Martin Luther King Day On Not Day Off festival. I read. I write reviews. I gerbil. I take Summer Reading reports. I train junior pages. I work with junior pages. I ssh. I input meaningless fake data into Evanced. I hate Evanced. I love Evanced. I make sure Summer Reading kicks ass. I will shoot you a dirty look if you need it. I write training powerpoints. I write training wikis. I make everyone laugh. I do IM reference. I do regular reference. I try not to hurt people that drive me crazy. I forget to eat before going to work. I create/compile/maintain DVD filmographies. I get yelled at for reading too much. I liase with computer services and explain complex ideas to the department. I remember things. I take notes for staff meetings and turn them into bulletins. I actually know how to spell bulletin. I reorder books that are broken. I write Book Match questions. I run the occasional program. I read assorted library blogs and magazines and journals. I’m UPDATED. I order books that are new. I read books that are new. I tell you why you should read them too. I find that book you haven’t read since you were a kid and only remember two vague details about. I remember your kids’ names. I’m a librarian, I sometimes wear reading glasses on the tip of my nose, and I’m pretty bad ass.

my past: I graduated from Beloit college in 2005 with a major in religious studies. I am not a religious person. I applied to the LEEP program at the university of Illinois but did not get in. I’ve worked in a youth services department at my hometown library for almost nine years and I absolutely love my job. I have applied as a reviewer to journals like SLJ, booklist and voya. I also write book reviews for my department’s blog, and will crosspost them here!

  1. Katie
    July 30, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    co-worker Katie here. I LOVE lists, so I love your “my current” info. I am contemplating starting my own dewey lunatic project. I think I might be crazy to do so, but it just might be fun.

    • July 30, 2010 at 8:35 pm

      Hi Katie!!!
      I’m loving the Dewey project so far – and I haven’t even really started to actively try to get numbers I don’t know much about.

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