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let’s pause for a book review – WHITE CAT BY HOLLY BLACK

The Sharpe family is full of curse workers, con artists, mobsters, thieves, and generally tricksy people.  Cassel is no different, except that out of all the members of his family, he is not a worker, and wants nothing to do with the mafia.  He’s perfectly content attending Wallingford, a private school where he runs a betting circle and keeps to himself, his secrets buried under a handsome facade of normalcy.  Cassel Sharpe has it made. But like all seemingly perfect, charming, handsome guys, Cassel has a secret.  Three years ago, he stabbed his best friend Lila (his older brother’s girlfriend) to death.

Everything changes when Cassel wakes up one night on the roof of a school building, seemingly about to jump.  He is expelled from school as a suicide risk, and has to go live in his jailed mother’s house with his estranged grandfather, a death worker.  Plagued with dreams about a white cat and reliving the murder of Lila far more often than he ever wanted to, Cassel begins to suspect that he is being worked.  As he attempts to unravel his memories and his past, Cassel begins to find out dark truths about his family’s involvement in the mafia.

White Cat is a gripping novel that you won’t be easily able to put down – and if you’re on a train reading, you WILL miss your stop.  Trust me. I did it twice.  A dark, twisting tale of magic, mobsters, con artists, and normalcy, Cassel Sharpe and his White Cat will pull you into their world with just a touch of the page.

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