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LMNO Peas written and illustrated by Keith Baker

Publication Date: April 2010

Reviewed For: Pre-K – Grade 1

Journal Review / Summary
Humble green peas provide inspiration in this hilarious, occupation-based romp through the alphabet. Four-inch-high letters on each page serve as an ingenious architectural platform around, above, and inside of which dozens of “pea-ple” swarm in joyful pursuit of myriad types of work. Bouncy, rhyming text introduces the alphabet peas as “acrobats, artists, and astronauts in space, builders, bathers, and bikers in a race,” with unpaid “voters and volunteers” receiving their due, too. Baker’s inventive details belie the “as alike as two peas in a pod” adage; each and every amusing personalized pea is as unique as a snowflake—and that’s the point. The digitally rendered illustrations glow in vibrant, textured colors that boldly leap off the page against a background of ample white space. The sheer fun of the rhythmic text and the large alphabet letters work well for a read-aloud audience, but the busy, engaging details of the peas in their various worker modes are better suited for one-on-one exploration that young children will want to pore over again and again.—SLJ

Illustration Medium:
Digitally rendered.

Execution in the artistic technique employed:
Not particularly impressive to me as digital artwork

Appropriateness of style of illustration to story, theme, and concept:
Colorful and cheerful, which reflects the adorableness of the images chosen for each letter.

Delineation/interpretation of a plot through illustration:
Not much plot – but well-chosen professions and activities for each letter.

Delineation/interpretation of a theme or concept through illustration:
Peas! So cute.  The idea of being whoever you want to be is well shown in the book.

Delineation of characters through illustration:
The peas each are very unique, even though there are many of them, which is impressive to me since they are so small and basic.

Delineation of setting through illustration:
Excellent use of the large letters in integrating the activities/professions.

Delineation of mood through illustration:
Unique, fun – well done.

Delineation of information through illustration:
Creative picks for the less common letters (Quilters, Quarterbacks, Underwater divers, Volunteers, X-Ray doctors, Yogis in a pose, Zoologists)

Concluding Caldecott Thoughts:
At first, thought no – but now I’m on board!

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