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Don’t Spill the Beans written and illustrated by Ian Schoenherr

Publication Date: February 23, 2010

Reviewed For: preschool.

Journal Review / Summary
Bear has a secret he keeps from readers, but he goes around blabbing it, telling it, and blurting it to all of his animal friends. His secret has something to do with the set of cards and gift-wrapped box he’s hiding behind his back. This would be a fun book to share with preschoolers on their birthday because the cub is the center of attention and, at the end of the story, the cards are revealed to spell out “Happy Birthday” and the box to be holding a cake. The cards the animals hold up give youngsters the opportunity to learn letters and colors, and the candles on the cake can be used for counting practice. The story is told in short rhyming sentences of large, colorful, hand-lettered text. The ink and acrylic paint illustrations depict cheerfully clothed animals with expressive faces. Both text and artwork are set against generous white space. Best read one-on-one, this title is a good first purchase for libraries needing picture books on birthdays. –SLJ

Illustration Medium:
Permanent ink and acrylic paint on watercolor paper, hand-lettered text type.

Initial Thoughts:
Fairy loving girls will eat this book up for sure.

Execution in the artistic technique employed:
Animals look very accurate.  I don’t really like answering this question.

Appropriateness of style of illustration to story, theme, and concept:
Cute, simple, full of facial expression.

Delineation/interpretation of a plot through illustration:
Bear moves to each animal to tell them the secret, some animals interact with Bear (Bat hangs from Bear’s arm).

Delineation/interpretation of a theme or concept through illustration:
Pretty decent.

Delineation of characters through illustration:
Strongest point of the book.

Delineation of setting through illustration:
There is no setting.

Delineation of mood through illustration:

Delineation of information through illustration:

Concluding Caldecott Thoughts:
Cute but no.

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