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What I’ve Been Reading…

  • 12:41 Workin’ on some book reviews. #
  • 13:54 Read my review of Lockdown: Escape from Furnace 1 by Alexander Gordon Smith on LibraryThing boo.kz/35 #
  • 13:59 Read my review of Half-Minute Horrors by Susan Rich on LibraryThing boo.kz/37 #
  • 14:05 Read my review of We the Children (Keepers of the School) by Andrew Clements on LibraryThing boo.kz/39 #
  • 14:21 Read my review of Breathless by Jessica Warman on LibraryThing boo.kz/3b #
  • 14:38 Read my review of One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-garcia on LibraryThing boo.kz/3d #
  • 14:39 Read my review of Scat by Carl Hiaasen on LibraryThing boo.kz/3e #
  • 14:56 Read my review of My Life in Pink & Green by Lisa Greenwald on LibraryThing boo.kz/3f #
  • 15:10 @Maryrose_Wood when might we expect a second Ashton Place book? I love love LOVED the first and have been recommending it like mad! #
  • 18:30 tweetpsych.com/?q=emilybrary – Apparently I post about sex a lot…. #
  • 23:12 Still reading Operation Yes by Sara Lewis Holmes. About halfway through. Good too, because it’s a bit overdue. /shame #
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