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What I’ve Been Reading…

  • 11:51 So, I implied (and though) that I’d be dropping Suzanne Weyn’s Distant Waves after 100 pages. But the story is SO weird … #
  • 11:52 …and poorly connected that I can’t STOP, just because I want to find out what is planned for the end. #
  • 13:49 @HPReaders what age group? #
  • 13:57 RT @amlibraries: Tintin banned in Belgium? (via The Guardian): cli.gs/GenTYt #
  • 18:34 OK, time to finish Distant Waves. /cringes #
  • 18:36 I should really have been keeping track of how many famous people the main character and her sisters meet in this book. #distantwaves #
  • 18:36 basically, though… it’s ALL of them. #distantwaves #
  • 18:47 Oh my. Nikola Tesla is about to attempt to move the Titanic foward in time to avoid the sinking. #distantwaves #
  • 18:50 Interesting. The ship sank in about five minutes. #distantwaves #
  • 18:50 Thanks, Tesla! #distantwaves #
  • 18:53 For a book that calls itself "A Novel of the Titanic" the whole iceberg-sinking scenes were MUCH too brief. Like, 10p max. #distantwaves #
  • 19:04 Ok. Turns out Tesla’s time device DID work, hence the fast ship sinking. Main character thrown 2h40min into future. AND ALSO?! #distantwaves #
  • 19:05 Her fiance and sister were thrown 2 YEARS 4 MONTHS into the future. So now they’re alive & floating in the ocean. Oops. #distantwaves #
  • 19:07 Finished #DistantWaves. Thank goodness. #
  • 19:14 Taking a small break from my shelf of library books and proof-reading an excellent screenplay by @filmaslife called Your Kind of Love. #
  • 20:21 Plowing through #YKoL. Just over halfway through. Need to get it finished by tomorrow night to give to @filmaslife when I see her. #
  • 21:23 Finished reading/editing #YKoL for @filmaslife. Can’t wait to see her tmrw to talk about it. #
  • 21:28 Next read is @JosieBloss’ Albatross. #
  • 21:28 @filmaslife i LOVED it. #
  • 21:31 @filmaslife haha just went to add YKOL to my librarything. whoops #
  • 22:40 Albatross a bust. Same with InsideOut. Dove into @jasperfforde’s The Well of Lost Plots. #
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