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What I’ve Been Reading…

  • 13:36 A coworker brought in an advance copy of Kat Falls’ new book "Dark Life." I know what I’M doing today… #
  • 14:24 Same coworker proposed a DARING plan to get genre tags on all my LibraryThing books: do 20 books a day! It’ll take a while, but get done. #
  • 14:25 So, all books are now tagged "!!!add genre tag" and I will tag 20-book bunches until I’m finished!! Only 815 to go. #LTtagproject #
  • 15:26 Reading Dark Life has me wikipediaing many deep sea creatures. I love learning about ocean life! 😀 especially through fiction. #
  • 15:26 (meaning that I love seeing something in fiction and then going and learning about it in NON fiction.) #
  • 15:40 After finishing Al Capone Does My Shirts, I failed to mention just HOW much I loved it, especially the ending. #
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