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Me: on the report table, reading my book, overhearing a dad reading a book to his daughter.
Dad: finishes story. So, Maddy, you ready to give your report?
Maddy, Wearing a Cute Dress (which is actually a nightgown, I later learn): Ok, Daddy!
Me: Hi! Do you want to come and give your report?
Maddy: Yup! I’m number Four.  But I’m only three.
Me: Ahh, I see.  Well, come on over and we’ll do your report, Number Four.  Your dress is very beautiful, by the way.
Maddy: Thank you! My dad said I could wear it becos tonight is movie night and we are going to watch Wall-E.
Me: Ohhhh, awesome! I love that movie.  Have you seen it before?
Maddy: Oh yes!
Me: Well, I bet you’re excited for tonight.  What book did you read today?
Maddy: Let me show you!!! opens book, proceeds to tell me about the Princess Knight, saying things like “no, that’s not the Pincess Knite, this is her,” and “her Daddy doesn’t want her to play with her pointy sword.” When she finishes the book, she says, “Can we go play the game?”
Me: Of course! Let’s go.
Maddy: stands behind the closest line, throws one of the sandbags, and completely misses her target. Throws the second one, misses even worse. I’m just going to try this again. Throws the first one, misses. Throws second one, makes it.  Throws third one, makes it. Picks up fourth one, and hands it to me. Do you want to throw one?
Me: Oh, thank you Maddy, but you can throw it.
Maddy: I’d like to share with you though!
Me: Okay then, I’ll throw it.  Which line should I stand behind?
Maddy: The farthest one!!!
Me: Okayyyy… I don’t know if I can do it though. I make a big show of throwing it and it just barely makes the target, as planned.
Maddy: YAAAY! We got all three together!!
Me: Yes we did, Maddy! We did a great job.  Maddy high fives me and picks out her prize, a panda mask.
Me: Wait just a minute.  I didn’t know panda bears could come to the library!
Maddy: pulls up mask. Hi! It’s me! pulls down mask
Me: Woah! Maddy, how do you do that?
Maddy: It’s a mask, see? shows me
Me: That is really cool.
Maddy: Will you be here next week?
Me: I sure will! I hope I get to see you.   Have a great movie night tonight!
Maddy: I will! Bye!!!
Me: Bye, kiddo.

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