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Girl Also Named Emily: -really shy, doesn’t want to do report-
Me: Hi, Emily! My name is Emily too, isn’t that funny?
GANE: -buries head in Mom’s chest-
Mom: Emily read this book ::puts book on table::
Me: Okay! Emily, do you want to sit on Mom’s lap while you do your report? It’s ok to do that this time if you like.
GANE: -nods furiously-
Me: Okay then.  Let’s all sit down.  So, Emily, you read a book about two mice? What is this one’s name?
GANE: -silent-
Me: Is it… Emily?
GANE: -looks at me quizzically-
Me: Is it Ari? (her brother, whose report I’d done minutes earlier)
GANE: -shakes her head-
Me: I wonder what it is then. Maybe…. is it Angelina?
GANE: -nods head-
Me: So, what does Angelina do in this story? It looks like she’s swimming in a pool on this first page.
GANE: -giggles- NO!
Me: Oh.  Well, what is she doing?
GANE: Picnick.
Me: Ohhhhhhhhhh.  -turning pages-
GANE: -telling me sort-of things about the book, mostly corrections of me saying the opposite of what is on the page to urge her to correct me-
Me: Well, Emily, you did a great job reporting, do you want to go play the game?

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